We work with business owners to improve their greatest asset and help build enterprise value in their business. Purposeful SP is focused on growing the true driver of your wealth, not ripping money out of the business to invest in other people’s businesses.

As a business owner, you have unique needs which aren't addressed with typical financial planning and investment advice. Every personal financial planning decision must also consider the impacts on your business.

Financial Planning specifically designed to fully fund the four key financial needs of every entrepreneur:

Owners’ Lifestyle

Financial planning to help ensure you have tax-efficient and stable personal income to fund the financial needs and life goals for your family.

Business Growth

Your business is the single most important investment and asset you own, which is why financial planning must include a fully-funded plan for business growth.

Business Slumps

Plan for economic downturns to ensure your business has cash reserves to survive and thrive during the inevitable slowdowns in your industry.

Owners’ Retirement

Preparing your transition to focusing on other life goals and enabling your retirement without threatening the long-term success of the business. 

Get Expert Advice on:

  • Business Tax Planning Integrated with Personal Taxes
  • Cash Flow Analysis & Profit-First Budgeting
  • Continuity and Transition Planning
  • Establishing & Advising on a 401(k)
  • Business Risk Analysis & Advising
  • Balancing Between Reinvesting in the Business & Diversification
  • Funding Business Growth: Debt Management & Equity Partner Management
  • Planning for Transfer or Sale of the Business & Retirement Planning
  • Personal Financial Planning Advice
  • Annual Business Valuations Estimates
  • And More...

Specialized Services

Establish Your Own 401(k) / Solo-k
Entrepreneurship Consulting | Purposeful Strategic Partners

Offer a 401(k) at little to no cost for your business

Offering a 401(k) or other retirement plan is easier (and cheaper) than you think. Offer a desirable employee benefit, lower your taxes, and provide for your and your employees’ retirement!

Strategic Business Coaching
Entrepreneurship Consulting | Purposeful Strategic Partners

Grow your business with help from a Tenured Professor

Grow your business with expert business coaching from a Tenured Professor of Entrepreneurship. Coaching integrates your personal finance needs with your company's financial, marketing, human resources, and operational needs.

401(k) Plan Fiduciary Review
Entrepreneurship Consulting | Purposeful Strategic Partners

Reduce legal liability stemming from your 401(k)

If you already offer a 401(k) or other retirement plan, get a fiduciary review of the plan and its fees to help you fulfill the plan monitoring which is legally-required under ERISA.

Employee Financial Wellness
Entrepreneurship Consulting | Purposeful Strategic Partners

Improve the bottom line for employees & the business

Increase employee loyalty and productivity by offering a Financial Wellness Program. Research has shown 300% ROI on Employee Financial Wellness Programs.

Business Continuity Planning
Entrepreneurship Consulting | Purposeful Strategic Partners

Ensure your business thrives after your retirement

Planning to ensure your business continues even if you can't be at the helm, regardless of why. Business continuity planning preserves both your income and your most valuable asset.

Selling / Transferring Ownership
Entrepreneurship Consulting | Purposeful Strategic Partners

Get the most for your business while minimizing taxes

Transfer ownership with a plan which considers multiple factors including tax implications, retaining control, and funding your retirement and your life goals.

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