Your Journey in 3 Stages

We do our best work when we work with clients as an ongoing thought and accountability partner, watching over and assisting with your entire financial life. Purposeful SP works with clients through an ongoing relationship to help you achieve your great life, both now and in the future. We work as your partner and fiduciary adviser in aligning your finances with your purpose, values, and life goals.

For clients who are more DIYers, we do offer one-time planning and hourly planning options as well.

To see our current services and fees, please visit our main website’s Financial Planning Service & Fees page.

Your Ongoing Financial Planning Journey

1. Get to Know Each Other

We begin with an introductory Discovery Meeting to get to know each other and determine how our services might align with your needs.

A second meeting can be scheduled for follow-up questions or to discuss in more detail how our planning works.

2. Onboarding & Initial Financial Planning

Once we agree to work together, we’ll begin the planning process with a series of meetings to understand where you are, define where you want to go, and put an initial plan together to get you there. This includes:

  • Organizing your finances
  • Exploring your goals in greater detail
  • Addressing any pressing needs or decisions
  • Establishing an initial retirement plan
  • Constructing your investment portfolios based on current needs
  • Identifying immediate tax planning, risk management, estate planning, or other financial needs.
  • Aligning your finances to your values and automating your good financial decisions

3. Ongoing Financial Advising & Implementation

We’ll then work together on an ongoing basis to adjust your finances to your evolving financial life including changes in your:

  • Goals and priorities
  • Tax liability and multi-decade tax projections
  • Income and expenses
  • Portfolio balances, assets, and debts
  • Social Security or pension projections
  • Liability and other exposures to risk
  • Family, health and legacy desires
  • And more

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