Investment Management Services

Investment Management Services

While investments are an important part of the overall financial planning process, they aren’t the focus. We use investments as a tool to help you achieve your goals. Meaning the investment strategy is built to facilitate when and why you want to spend your money — rather than just “growing” the accounts.

We utilize ultra-low-cost funds to invest in a mix of asset classes which react differently to economic and government conditions. We believe no one can predict the future, so we construct portfolios to optimize for return & risk regardless of future market conditions. And we adjust your portfolio based on what has happened, not what we think might happen.

What Investment Management Includes:

  • Choosing and monitoring investments
  • Aligning your investments with your values
  • Annual & threshold-based rebalancing
  • Tax-loss and tax-gain harvesting
  • Facilitating tax optimization strategies
  • Facilitating corrective actions (removal of excess contributions, etc.)
  • Evolving your asset allocation with your changing age, time horizon, and risk profile
  • Account management of custodian paperwork and administrative details
  • Sitting on hold with custodian customer service
  • Income withdrawal planning (which accounts to pull from and in what proportions)
  • Maximizing tax efficiency in investments
  • Avoiding behaviorally- and emotionally-driven errors

Investment Philosophy

Your Life Trumps Your Money

We’re happy to help our clients use their portfolios to achieve their great life. The goal isn’t to have you die with the most money but to allow you to responsibly maximize your spending.

Academic Research Trumps All

We look to both industry practices and academic research to guide principles of portfolio construction, but unbiased academic research wins any conflict.

Your Values Are Central

Sound investment management should coincide with your values; which is why we offer options including Environmental, Social, & Governance; Biblically-based; total economy; and tax-efficient portfolios.

Statistics Guide Decisions

We use the same statistical methods as other sciences to make decisions based on the range of possible outcomes and their probabilities rather than straight-line projections. This including modeling ranges of probabilistic outcomes, correlation analysis, and stress-test analysis of 8 core risk factors (including inflation, taxes, and healthcare). While the future is unpredictable, we can manage the probabilities.

Asset Classes Over Assets

Your portfolio and our mathematical models are based on asset classes rather than individual companies, because even the biggest companies can have scandals or go out of business. Asset classes, however, have stable mathematical properties on which to base investment allocations and planning projections.

The U.S. Isn’t the Center of the Universe

The U.S. makes up a little over half of the global market capitalization, so it makes up a little over half of the equities portions of our portfolios. Your portfolio is invested in developed global markets such as Canada, Western Europe, and Japan and also includes investments throughout the emerging markets including countries in Eastern Europe, Asia, South America, and Africa. Exposure to global economies in your portfolio doesn’t just provide additional growth opportunities as those economies grow, it also lowers the mathematical risk of your portfolio.

Investing in Your Business Takes Priority

For business owners, investing in your company to maintain stability and drive growth is the first investment opportunity we look at.

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