Ongoing Financial Planning & Investment Management

Your life changes and evolves – so should your financial plan. Ongoing planning assures your financial plan adjusts to the inevitable changes in your financial life and keeps you on course toward your goals.

We partner with clients on an ongoing basis to adjust your finances to your evolving financial life including changes in your:

  • Goals and priorities
  • Tax liability and multi-decade tax projections
  • Income and expenses
  • Portfolio balances, assets, and debts
  • Social Security or pension projections
  • Liability and other exposures to risk
  • Family, health, and legacy desires
  • And more

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Retirement Planning

Ideal For:

Clients primarily concerned with planning and investing for their retirement.


Includes portfolio and 401(k) recommendations, required savings rate, Social Security projections, retirement tax projections, statistical modeling, plan stress testing, and more. Provides an initial retirement plan and annual analysis and recommendations to ensure you are on track for your retirement. An annual meeting reviews your plan and identifies recommended adjustments. Can be combined with Investment Management.

Comprehensive Planning

Ideal For:

Clients who are looking for a full thought-partner on all aspects of their finances.


Comprehensive advice around retirement planning, tax projections and long-term tax planning, risk management, funding major goals and life events, estate planning, real estate, and other aspects of your finances. Includes 3 scheduled annual meetings and unlimited check-in meetings. Can be combined with Investment Management.

Investment Management

Ideal For:

Clients who want to focus on living their great life and offload the management, rebalancing, tax impact, account maintenance, and other important functions of their investment accounts.


Ongoing management of client investment accounts to keep clients moving toward their goals. Research by Vanguard and Morningstar has shown investment management paired with comprehensive financial planning improves client returns by 3% annualized after accounting for advisor fees.

Additional Information:

How Financial Planning Improves Investment Returns
Clients will not see annual outperformance of their funds verses an index; rather, research finds comprehensive advisors over long periods can increase net after-tax retirement income and portfolio performance verses non-advised portfolios due to advanced financial planning strategies with benefits derived from tax savings, rebalancing, withdrawal strategies, asset allocation, targeting total return, avoiding behavioral mistakes during market volatility, and other factors. Vanguard Research [Advisor Alpha; 2016 – Updated 2022]. Morningstar Research [Alpha, Beta, and now Gamma; 2013]

Stand-Alone Investment Management Or As Part of Planning
Investment management services are offered as part of ongoing financial planning or as a stand-alone service. When clients choose only to have investment management, an annual investment meeting will be held. When assets grow to sufficient levels, financial planning services will be included at no additional fee.

Investment Management Lowers Your Planning Fees
Clients whose assets are managed by PSP will have a reduction in their ongoing planning fees and will have an additional meeting scheduled specifically to review and adjust the investment strategy. To avoid us "double dipping" on fees, clients whose assets are managed by PSP will receive a credit that reduces the cost of their ongoing planning fees for any of our planning services. The credit is equal to 0.75% of the assets under management as of December 31st of the previous year. Credits cannot reduce the fees below $0.

Financial Coaching

Ideal For:

Clients who want coaching & accountability around optimizing cash flow, managing debt, and building savings.


Combines individual support and accountability from a personal coach, on-demand financial education, professional software to track your cashflow and keep you on-budget, and a proven step-by-step system for improving your finances.